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Daily Sourdough Breads

We also Sell our loafs at the Bismarck Mandan Co-op also so if you miss out at the bakery stop by the Co-op 


Country, Garlic Parmesan


Country, Cranberry Walnut


Country, Jalapeno Cheddar


Country, Bakers Choice 



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Storing your fresh breads

Ideally, you should store you loaf in a cotton bread bag or wrapped in a large tea towel, so that the bread can “breath”.  Leave your bread in a relatively cool place so it can maintain normal ambient moisture levels.

 It is not recommended to store bread in the fridge. A fridge is an extremely dry environment and will harden the bread quickly.

Storing bread in a plastic bag is not ideal, particularly in a warm place as the bag may cause “sweating”. 

  For longer term storage you can freeze the bread. Wrap it in a plastic cling wrap before freezing 

For loaves that are a few days old, and have not been cut, preheat your oven to 325 and place your bread on a middle rack and heat for 15 to 20 min. 


Gluten Disclaimer

Unfortunately, because of our limited kitchen space we are unable to guarantee any of our products to be gluten-free due to cross contamination. That said, because of our unprocessed and simple ingredients, we encourage you to try our products at your discretion.

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